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EyePow Integrated Surveillance Solution

2019-03-02 SNO English Read 5978

 Conventional O&M takes too much time and manpower but is inefficient, what’s worse, manpower cost is increasing year after year.
 It’s too difficult to protect substation security as they are spreading in desolate places, as a result, the expensive power devices are exposed to thieves.
 It cannot discover or mitigate potential risks in substations but take measures after all is done, so substation security and power supply reliability is unfavorably affected.
 The delayed, false and missing alerts on substations accidents have a great negative effect on production and maintenance.
 Safety is required for power communication, but most power communication equipment rooms are unattended and have huge potential risks.
 Substations themselves have a variety of risks: device fires caused by high temperature; damages due to water leak and thunder; unauthorized access, etc…
 There are no live videos to check field situations when side devices are breakdown.

The EyePow system integrates video surveillance, intelligent video analysis, thermal imaging system, power and environment monitoring, perimeter defense, light control and access control. It’s all digital networked and centralizes all widespread and independent substations under unified surveillance and management. It monitors all devices and scenarios of substations and pushes alerts to inform responsible staff of high temperature devices, unauthorized access, power equipment breakdown and environment abnormality, even when accidents happen, the system can help retrospect causes. In addition, the EyePow system has good maintainability and flexible expandability.

The EyePow system adopt an open system platform, supports IEC 61850 and ONVIF, exchanges information with other systems and are compatible with most mainstream video terminals.

The EyePow system protects the safety of unattended substations in an all-around way and satisfies customers.

Custom Value
 360°unified surveillance and unified linkage ensures safer substation operation and more reliable power supply.
 The state-of-art visual O&M measures reduce expenses and manpower costs and improve efficiency.
 Substation accidents are sharply reduced, like device spontaneous combustion, asset stealing and environmental incidents.
 Immediate and accurate response and dispatch are available in case of emergencies to reduce losses.
 Solid evidences are kept for future accident investigation and customers could learn useful lessons to prevent similar accidents.

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