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SNO Integrated Surveillance Solution for Hospital

2019-03-30 SNO English Read 4479


1. Crowded hospitals are favorable targets of terrorists; their security guards are not enough to secure VIP places or regions such as pharmacies or cashiers, where are easy to have safety affairs or disputes.

2. The conventional CCTV system is out of date, bad video quality and incomplete details leave no solid evidences.

3. The conventional CCTV system cannot stop incidents but just keep evidences when all is done.

4. Security subsystems in hospital are working separately, not easy to manage and have no data sharing or alarm linkage at all, so its very slow to respond to emergencies.

5. The system is not reliable because video storage means are not multiple and surveillance videos have no backup.


SNO proposes an integrated surveillance solution for hospitals to ease customer worries. This solution uses SNO integrated management platform, HD cameras to monitor sites, the platform in the center to decode videos, and both distributed and centralized storage structure. It becomes a multi-layer, multi-functional, fast-responding and information-sharing dispatching and commanding system. This solution includes real-time video surveillance, perimeter defense, access control and patrol management subsystems, which are seamlessly integrated through SNO integrated management platform. It changes passive monitoring into active surveillance, improves security guards’ working efficiency, speeds up their response to emergencies, and enhances security system performance. The platform supports multiple networking protocols, so its able to interlink other systems of health or police department.

Customer Benefits

1. Full HD surveillance provides clearer images, which become more solid evidences for investigation and responsibility definition afterwards.

2. Intelligent analysis technology changes passive monitoring into active prevention, which improves surveillance system performance and relieves working pressure and intensity of security guards.

3. All site cameras use coding formats with high compression ratio and efficient coding platform to save much transmission bandwidth and storage spaces.

4. N+1 disaster tolerance mechanism, distributed and centralized storage strategies avoid data loss and make the system safer and more reliable.

5. Our platform is able to integrate with 3rd-party systems of health or police department to share data and facilitate coordinative dispatching.

6. The security guards can complete all necessary operations on only one platform, as video surveillance and other security subsystems are integrated onto one platform, so they can respond faster and more efficiently.

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