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USMS Smart Access Control System

2019-03-02 SNO English Read 5959

How to manage the site keys always troubles the operators, especially big operators who have thousands of sites in one area and hire a maintenance agency to do the on-site maintenance work. Besides, illegal intrusion and stealing happens a lot to the unattended sites, it’s very necessary to monitor the site entrances and exits in real time. The operators also need a good management tool to help check how is the maintenance schedule going on and whether the maintenance people follow the schedule.

1 Too many sites to manage by conventional keys

2 Usually maintenance agencies are employed to maintain the sites, but there is no good way to manage their access privileges

3 There is no objective record to show whether the maintenance man or agency follows the inspection schedule

4 No good way to authorize/cancel the access privileges

5 The monitoring system cannot disarm automatically when authorized person is present at the site

6 The monitoring center has no remote control on the site doors

Access Control Networking for the Sites

Access Control System for the Equipment Rooms


1 Improve operational efficiency ,reduce the security risk of managing complex keys

2 Real-time monitoring and find the exceptional site access in time

3 Reduce the equipment theft occurred due to the lost keys

4 Examination the site attendance of personnel daily work

5 Provide various reports of site attendance
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