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View Eye Solution for Operator

2019-03-02 SNO English Read 5425

Network flow is increasingly irrelevant to operator’s earnings, and Operator has to expand new services based on network flow to increase earnings. Decreased charges of voice services cause most U.S.A operators losing their ARPU, but AT&T and Verizon ARPU are rising 7.3% and 3.5%, thanks to their earlier moves on reseller and mobile data services.

View Eye platform is design for large scale video surveillance project (suitable for 200-10000 channels HD video access) and based on this platform to provide customized solutions for customers in different industries.
It has these functions:
Devices management, Users & User Group, Exception Query & Report, System Topology, Device Exception Alarm, Central and PU Storage, Device Status Monitoring.
The strength of the View Eye is:
• Support Oracle & Sybase database
• Multi-level centers
• N+1 cluster, loading balance
• Import and export clients’ environmental

1. Expand the channels and business models for utilizing the investment in the existing network resources of operator
2. Increase investment income ratio of operator

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