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Smart Campus Integrated Surveillance Solution

2019-03-02 SNO English Read 5454

- With the increasing scale of various campus and the growing number of functional units as well as gradually enriched routine services of campus, more and more challenges are imposed on operation of campus, for example, dispersed campus, complex surroundings, numerous entrances and exits, almost scrap monitoring system, technical update, etc…
- Security condition of campus become more and more complex, conventional security system is hard to meet the requirements of customs.
- Conventional CCTV system is out of date, poor video quality and incomplete details leave no solid evidences.
- Security subsystems in campus are working separately, not easy to manage and have no data sharing or alarm linkage at all, so it’s very slow to respond to emergencies.

SNO Smart campus integrated surveillance system is composed of Video Surveillance subsystem, Access Control subsystem, Perimeter Defense subsystem, Vehicle Management subsystem, Patrol Management subsystem and Time & Attendance System. The six subsystem is not isolated, which can make unified linkage when alarms were detected.

SNO Smart campus integrated surveillance solution adopts cutting-edge technologies to integrate electronics and computer controlling to improve campus security level and management efficiency, and save manpower and costs. It could manage campus staff and vehicles. Video surveillance system could help to monitor what’s happening in important locations directly, vehicles that are coming in and out of campus. Perimeter defense system could make campus free from intrusion and get safer. Electronic patrol system can be used to regulate patrol lines which are more efficient. Our solution changes passive monitoring into active surveillance, improves video utilization efficiency and security system performance.

Customer Benefits
- All standalone security subsystems are effectively integrated and interlinked, and no longer isolate their information from each other; their cooperation therefore facilitates unified emergency response and up levels visual security of campus.
- Guarantee campus security in an all-around way, unified alarm linkage and upgrade campus guard level, satisfying diversified demands
- Get prompt information of emergencies and make fast response
- Keep routine campus management well-ordered, improve office efficiency and cut down manpower costs
- Comprehensive security measures in system physical layer, network layer and application layer to protect users and data security.
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