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Small & Medium Enterprise Surveillance Solution

2019-03-02 SNO English Read 5692

- Increasing SME sites decentralized and it becomes quite hard to share such huge and disperse surveillance information.
- Security subsystems in SME are working separately, not easy to manage and have no data sharing or alarm linkage at all.
- Traditional CCTV systems can't support expansion, or it's very hard and expensive to expand
- The conventional CCTV system is out of date, poor video quality and incomplete details leave no solid evidences.
- The system is not reliable because video storage means are not multiple and surveillance videos have no backup.

Customized solutions for SME could be provided according to different industries, such as Office Building, Property Management, Bank, Hospital, etc. Suitable for handers HD video access and management, it’s easy to extend and be integrated with other platform

SNO provide VMS 2000 seriesand ZXNVMS I1000 series core products for SME solution, The VMS 2000 is a professional software developed to manage small amount of videoterminalsto realizevery simple video surveillance system but provide rich functions. It is applicable to the management of embedded IPCs, DVSs, DVRs, and NVRs via client PC interact directly with frond-end device without complex configuration on various servers. This solution includes real-time video management, device management, video playback, TV wall management, etc. It's an economic and simple solution providing easy network and fast deployment.

ZXNVMS I1000 is not only a multimedia storage and distributed unit, but also a video surveillance management server. It integrates both the software, hardware and disk array function of central management platform. It provides rich function such as video management, alarm management, video footage management, mobile video surveillance, WEB, TV wall management, etc. Also, it’seasy to expand for larger storage needs and be integrated with top level platform

Customer Benefits
- Whilereducingthe cost of investment, but to getthevideo surveillance systemto meet user needs
- The security guards can complete all necessary operations on only one platform, as video surveillance and other security subsystems are integrated onto one platform, so they can respond faster and more efficiently, thus save economic loss.
- Various ways of browsing (B/S, C/S, Mobile devices) makes it convenient and efficient for the users to handle and manage the videos and devices.
- Easy and convenient for further expansion, both front-end devices and central management platform.
- Full HD surveillance provides clearer images, which become more solid evidences for investigation and responsibility definition afterwards.
- Multiple storage mechanism makes the data and information safer and more secure, which keep evidences for further accidents.
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