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2K 4G Sim Card Outdoor Solar Camera WIFI Wireless PTZ Solar Camera With Solar Panel Smart PIR Human Detection Surveillance cam

  • Model:SNO-Y7A-4G-20
  • Brand:SNO
  • Weight:1.5KG

2K 4G Sim Card Outdoor Solar Camera WIFI Wireless PTZ Solar Camera With Solar Panel Smart PIR Human Detection Surveillance cam

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Product Parameters:

Version: 4G or WiFi

Application: NiView (APP)

Pixel: 4MP

Infrared distance: 40M

Wide angle lens: 2.5mm/120 degree wide angle lens (manually adjust the turntable 180 °/tilt 15 °)

PTZ lens: 6mm-12mm lens 10x hybrid zoom

Rotation angle: horizontal: 355 ° vertical: 90 °

TF card storage: Supports up to 128GB (supports cloud storage, requires subscription within the application)

Battery capacity: 12000mAh

Solar panel power: 6W

Working temperature: -20 ° C-50 ° C

Power supply voltage: 5V DC

Multi person view: supports sharing to up to 4 households

Input/Output: Built in microphone and speaker

Pack Include

1 x WiFi solar camera or 1 x 4G solar camera (optional)

1 x solar panel

1 x solar panel bracket

2 x Install screw pack

1 x USB charging cable

1 x User Manual

Note: Memory cards are optional: 32g, 64g, 128g

4G Camera & WiFi Camera

4G Version:Your camera can work within the range of 3G/4G, it is easy to access the network environment. (Simultaneously supporting 2.4G WIFI network)WiFi Version:Your camera should be connected to 2.4G network to start working. (NOT support 4G SIM Card)

Please note:

Please confirm with the sim card frequency before buying, please make sure the camera is compatible.

Solar Powered, 365 Days Ultra-long Standby

Buil-in 12000MA batteries, the solar panel can cyclically save the battery power to the battery camera, which is more energy-efficient, efficient and convenient to save electricity.

Ultra HD Image Quality Clear and Distinguishable

PTZ Rotation - All-Round Vision Control

The camera is equipped with an excellent pan/tilt function, providing you with a comprehensive and flexible view control experience. Whether you are monitoring a large area or tracking a specific target, the PTZ function allows you to easily and freely adjust the camera's orientation, angle and zoom to achieve precise monitoring and recording, ensuring that you will not miss any important details.
Horizontal rotation: 355° / Vertical rotation: 90°.

10x Hybrid Zoom - Remote Detail Capture and Panoramic Observation

Our surveillance camera has a powerful 10x Hybrid Zoom function, Optical Zoom+digital Zoom,enabling you to capture distant details and achieve panoramic observation without changing the camera position. Whether it's remote monitoring, event tracking or more detailed observations, this capability will give you greater flexibility and control.

Smart Full Color Night Vision - Worry-Free Protection Day and Night

In order to ensure that your security monitoring needs are met at any time, our cameras not only provide clear and high-definition surveillance images during the day, but also show amazing color night vision effects at night, making images clearer and more vivid in the dark. Whether for home security, business surveillance or other uses, our smart color night vision cameras will be your reliable choice.
The camera supports 3 modes switching: full-color night vision mode / infrared night vision mode / intelligent night vision mode.

Two-Way Audio - Real-time Interaction and Remote Communication

The camera has a built-in high-quality microphone and speaker, allowing you to have real-time two-way voice conversations with people in the monitored area. You can communicate with them through the mobile phone application, whether it is communicating with family members, guiding visitors or conducting remote child care, this function will bring you a more comprehensive and intelligent monitoring experience.

PIR Motion Detection - Efficient Detection and Smart Alarm

Our surveillance cameras are equipped with advanced PIR motion detection function, providing you with efficient and accurate motion detection capabilities. While saving battery consumption, ensure that you can pay attention to important events in the monitoring area in time. This feature intelligently identifies dynamic activity to reduce false positives and keep you on your toes.

High Gain AntennaMore Stable WiFi Signal

Designed for A VariousEnvironments

-Side MountedInstallation

-Separated CeilingMounted Installation

-Pole MountedInstallation

P2P Remote Access - Real-time Monitoring of Mobile phone and Computer

Our surveillance cameras are equipped with advanced P2P remote access functions, enabling you to watch real-time surveillance images through mobile phones and computers anytime, anywhere. No matter where you are, you can maintain real-time attention and control of the monitored area.

Max 128GB Memory Card and Cloud Storage - Flexible Storage Options

Our surveillance cameras have flexible and diverse storage functions, providing you with comprehensive storage options to ensure your surveillance data is safe and reliable. Whether you prefer local storage or cloud storage, our cameras can meet your needs.

IP66 waterproof - Ultimate Protection for Harsh Environments

The camera is equipped with an excellent IP66 waterproof function, which provides you with excellent protection and ensures that the camera can continue to work stably in various harsh environments. Whether it is hot summer, cold winter or changeable weather, our cameras will always guard your safety.



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