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USMS Site Integrated Security Management System

2019-03-02 SNO English Read 5470


Now the mainstream power equipment and environment supervision systems most operators applied are to acquire the running data of equipment room, power equipment and environmental parameters. These systems focus on the realtime monitoring of the running status of devices.
But operators are constructing more and more sites; they expect more from the supervision systems, for example:

1. High-level communication network requires high-level O&M

2. Only alarm data cannot tell exact faults, so surveillance videos and data analysis is needed

3. Heavy routine patrol needs a replacement or cutdown

4. Devices are exposed to thieves and there are no effective protections

5. Major maintenance needs expert remote guidance

6. Monitoring and assessment channels for O&M agencies should be available


SNO USMS Site Integrated Security Management System integrates site burglary and visual surveillance based on original power equipment and environment (P&E) supervision. It’s a real integrated and visual surveillance system for sites.
In sites, there are cameras and DVR/DVS in addition to sensors/transducers which are to acquire P&E data. Video streams and P&E data work together to ensure the site security


1. Visualize the site monitoring

2. Provide more measure for maintenance and management, improve its efficiency and improve its quality & level

3. Reduce the on-site visit to lower the maintenance cost

4. Prevent equipment stealing and site breakdown ,keep the security evidence

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